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Sum 41

Tom: Dm
Dm  Bb  F  C  |x2 
     Dm                     Bb  
I'll never take part in the growing population  
   F                  C  
Or waste my time with further education  
   Dm                    Bb 
Forget what we know it's just a big show  
     F                C  
What they want to control  
  Dm         Bb            F           C  
So jaded, frustrated, it's all so complicated  
  Dm         Bb         F  
Fashion, no passion surrounds me  
C              Dm                   Bb  
All I know is, I've heard this all before  
            F                   C                    Dm  
Reality's a bore, You ask me to believe in something fake  
                          Bb                     F  
Well I can't bring myself to Do what you want me to  
This is who we are and  
                Dm <-- Here goes the intro  
Nothing's gonna change  | x2  
Rest of the song (play the same) 

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