More To This Life

Steven Curtis Chapman

Tom: G
Intro :  { Gsus4 (2 bars)   Csus4 (2 bars) }   -- 2x 
Today I watched in silence as people passed me by,  
And I strained to see if there was something hidden in their eyes;  
         Am                 Bmsus       Csus 
But they all looked back at me as if to say  
               Gsus  Csus 
Life just goes on.  
The old familiar story told in different ways,  
Make the most of your own journey from the cradle to the grave;  
Am                  Bmsus             Csus 
Dream your dreams tomorrow because today  
             Gsus4   Dsus  Gsus 
Life must go on.   
Csus Dsus Emsus But there?s more to this life than living and dying, Csus C Emsus4 D More than just trying to make it through the day; Csus Dsus Emsus D More to this life, more than these eyes alone can see, Csus Gsus Csus(to v3,4) And there?s more than this life alone can be. Tonight he lies in silence staring into space, And looks for ways to make tomorrow better than today, But in the morning light it looks the same; Life just goes on. He takes care of his family, he takes care of his work, And every Sunday morning he takes his place at the church; And somehow he still feels a need to search, But life just goes on.
Am Bmsus So where do we start to find every part F Csus Of what makes this life complete; Am Bmsus If we turn our eyes to Jesus we?ll find F Csus D Life?s true beginning is there at the cross where He died. Emsus Csus Dsus He died to bring us . . . (Chorus) ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

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