This Is How A Dream Comes True

Shrek The Musical

Tom: Bb
Intro: Bbadd2      Ebm6/Gb  Bbadd2     Ebm6/Gb  

Bbadd2          F7sus4      Bbadd2 
This   is how a dream comes true 
              D7/F#    Gm 
This is how I pictured you, 
     Dm/F Ebmaj7 Dm D7/F#  Eb/G 
Climbing  in     to rescue me 
                F7       Ebm6/Gb  Bbadd2    Ebm6/Gb 
This was always meant to be 
Bbadd2            F7         Bb 
This   is how the scene must go 
             Bb         D7/F#      Gm 
You standing there, the light just so 
     Dm  Ebmaj7 Dm  D7/F#   Eb/G 
Then you smile  and gaze at me 
Bb/F            F/A    Gm    F/A    Gm    F/A    Gm 
Take my hand on bended knee, bended knee, bended knee! 
    Ebadd9            Bb/D        Ebadd9          F#m 
And though we’ve only met, some - how    I always knew 
Gm          Gm9       Cm7       Ebm/Gb      Bbadd2    Ebm6/Gb 
It would be look like this when dreams come true 
B                    F#7    B 
Brave sir night slow down a bit 
                  D#7  G#m 
Shut-in girls are delicate 
                B/F#    D#7        E/G# 
I’ve longed for this my whole life long 
B/F#             F#7    B 
Now you’re doing it all wrong 
C/G           G      C/G 
Down a rope a steed awaits 
                  E7/G# Am 
That’s what ev’ry story states 
       C/G  F#m7b5     Fmaj7 
Riding over rough  terrain,  
C/G      C/E    C  G/B      Am 
past the drag - on you have slain 
G/B      Am 
You have slain. You have slain? 

Cm/G    Fm/G  Cm/G  Fm/G 

(Musical interlude when everyone is running from the dragon) 
C5     Dm     Bb/D    A/D    Dm    Ebm/D    Dm    E/D Gm/D E/D 

        Cmaj7               Bm7    Ebm/Bb 
Are you there God? Its me Fiona 
F            C 
Tra la la la la 

     G      C 
This way instead! 

F            C 
Tra la la la la 

G       C 
Door ahead! 

Eb/Bb               Ab/Bb 
In the end remember all your dreams come true! 

Dm    Am 

E/B                       A/B 
Say your affirmations and love will come to you 
If you can conceive it, believe it, achieve it! 

Ebm    Bbm 

Ab7        Db   Ab7           Db 
Mad dragon yay! Skeletons, Hooray! 
   Bb7             Eb    Bb7             Eb 
Pretending I’m not here. Nothing more to fear 
Bm   F#m/A   G     D/F# Bm   F#m     G     D/F# 
Pink ponies, happy sky. Pink ponies, happy sky. 
Bm    F#m/A      G     D/F# 
Oh my Gosh we’re gonna die!! 

Ebm    Bbm    Absus4  Ab  Absus4  Ab  C/G 

Cadd2         G7sus4   Cadd2 
This is how I pictured it,  
                E7/G#  Am 
More or less, I must admit 
A thumping in my heart 
  F#m7b5         Fm6 
A life  about to start 
  F                   C/E 
I knew this day would come 
    Fadd2      F         Abm 
And you  would find your way 
   Am      Am9               F/G 
At last my dream comes true 
I knew, I knew, I knew! 
It would be today! 

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