Bar is a beautiful place

Ryan Adams

Tom: G
Tune down 1/2 step 
Pattern 1 
(G) I hang my head down on Hollywood  
'Cause either Cway up or down it's just stars (G) 
(G) And I'm making my way down the Cherokee  
To go get drunk in a barD 
And I Cknow my friends, they Dworry about me  
I can Gsee it written (D/F#)on their Emface  
CDespite anything that I Dsaid before  
The Cbar is a Dbeautiful placeG sha na Dna na Emna, Dsha la la Cla, sha Gla la Dla... (G)  
Pattern 2   
AI got a cold in my heart(A/A#) that the doctor can't Bmfeel A 
He said 'go get Gyou a beer'  
But they don't let the Emsunshine come in here.    
DSha la(C)  (D)Sha la la Cla 

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