Remy Zero

Tom: D
Intro 2x: C#m  A  E  B 

Verso 1: 

C#m        A            E 
I need to hear you say goodbye. 
I don't know why I hang around. 
C#m                  A             E 
You will soothe the pain within my eyes 
                     B            E 
and then you leave without a sound. 

B A Show me a sign and I'm E taking you home. B A Give me the time to show E how I have grown.
( C#m A E B ) (2x) Verso 2: Under the old back porch you knew I loved you more than there and so, you will let me fall back on my own and where you were I'll never know. (Refrão) Ponte: Bm A There'll be sun, and E all eyes fall from heaven now. Bm A See that I walk on. E But there ain't no one Bm So to the fall A E all stares, all breaks and no breaths. Bm E Yeah, I walk on through the listen. Verso 3: So you're sad, I turn away to find out what I can be and so, all these colors that shine within my soul, and all I am, you'll never know.
Mmmm... it all works in all harboured lands. Something is real here, my real bonney lass. Something is real here and it's real there. It's real here. Something's habit and some... some things happen.

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