Pearl Jam

Tom: G
Amadd9: 577557 
F#7: 242322 
Cm6: x35545 
Daug: xx0776 
G			          Am        Amadd9 Am Amadd9 
Why deny all the troubles when combined  
  Am            Amadd9   Am                 F#7   G 
With the missing links it don?t feel like home now 
That your gone all the troubles suddenly explained infinitum  
You?re always wishing and never here at home 
You all the dreams we shared and  
Dm         C 
lights we turned on  
           Cm6           A#  
but the house is getting dark 
      Dm                 C   
and I don?t want to know your past  
        Cm6                 A# 
but together share the dawn  
      Daug    G Bm Em Bm 
and I won?t need nothing else  
cause when we?re dead  
                   C       G 
we would?ve had it all 
G Bm Em                  Bm              Am 
And I wouldn't falling from the sky tell you  
                        C          G 
Parachutes have opened now 
G                                       Am 
Heaven knows if there?s a ceiling  
Amadd9 Am Amadd9 Am Amadd9 Am 
Come so low with the kneeling  
                     F#7 G                                        Dm 
Please know that I got all the friends I?m needing  
Before my light go out  
          Cm6            A# 
As the doors are closing now  
       Dm              C 
And far away will be my home  
          Cm6           A# 
And to grasp this, I don?t know  
      Daug  G Bm Em 
But I don?t need  
            Bm                    Am                       C    G 
Further back and forth, a wave will break on me today  
     G Bm 
And love  
Em                           Bm                 Am 
Wish the world could glow again with love  
                           C        G 
One can?t seem to have enough  
     G Bm  
And war  
Em                      Bm                 Am 
Break the sky and tell me what it's for  
                      C        G 
I?ll travel there on my own  
     G Bm Em 
And love  
What a different life  
      Am                  C         G    
Had I not found this love with you 

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