Savin' Me (ver. 3)


Tom: D
D                    A  
Prison gates won?t open up for me 
E                 G 
On these hands and knees I?m crawlin? 
D       A          E     G 
Oh, I reach for you 
(same chords) 
Verse 2;   
Well I?m terrified of these four walls 
These iron bars can?t hold my soul in 
All I need is you    Come please I?m callin?  
And oh I scream for you  Hurry I?m fallin? 
D         A         Em           G 
Show me what its like (to be the last one standing) 
D             A         Em              G     
And teach me wrong from right (and ill show you what i can be) 
    D                  A           Em                G 
And say it for me, say it to me.  And ill leave this life behind me. 
D           G        Em 
Say it if its worth saving me. 
Verse 3 & Verse 4; exactly as the ones before 

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