sweet lorraine

Nat King Cole

Tom: D
D     G   Dm6   E7   A7        D9         Em    C7  B7 
I've just found joy;    I'm as happy as a baby boy  
     Bm7/5-             E7        A7    D7 
With another brand new choo-choo toy 
         Am7      D7       Bm7    E7   Am7    D7 
When I'm with my sweet Lorraine. 
   G   Dm6 E7   A7          D9              Em      C7  B7 
A pair of eyes     that are bluer than the summer skies; 
        Bm7/5-              E7        A7    D7 
When you see them you will re - al - ize 
      Am7      D7       G      G/A  G/B 
Why I love my sweet Lorraine. 
C                 E7       Am      C7 
When it's raining I don't miss the sun, 
F              E7         Am    C7 
For it's in my sweetie's smile. 
F                  E7       Am7   D7 
Just to think that I'm the lucky one 
F                  E7      A7/5- 
Who will lead her down the aisle. 
D7    G   Dm6 E7   A7        D9              Em      C7  B7 
Each night I pray     that nobody steals her heart away, 
           Bm7/5-           E7        A7    D7 
Just can't wait until that hap - py day 
       Am7    D7       G    Am7   G - D9   G 
When I marry sweet Lorraine. 

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