Ask Me

Nat King Cole

Tom: G
 G     D9 E7     C       
Ask me if I love you,  
    Edim D7 
Ask how much I care; 
 G    Cdim       Em6           
Count the stars above you,  
     G9         A 
The answer is there. 
 Em   B7     C Edim  G        
Ask how much I need you,     
         B7    E7 
Darling, I'd reply, 
 C   Em7        A7        C    Cdim    D7M 
'Can you count the ripples in streams passing by?' 
 G   D9     E7       C       
Ask me if I'd miss you,  
     Edim          D7 
If our dreams fell through  
 Em   B7    C    Em7  Am      Am7      D7   
Would the summer roses miss the morning dew? 
 G  B7        E7/9-  E7        
Ask me if I'll love you    
    C9        Am7     Cdim 
When years have flown away  
G      D9     E7      C  Em7   D9 Cdim   G  
Darling, I will love you much more than today 

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