Annie Ford

Mt. Desolation

Tom: D

( D  G ) (4x) 

D                           G     D/F# Em 
I met Annie Ford out on the Great West road, 
D                   G              A 
soaking through and thumbing for a ride. 
D                                    G  D/F# Em 
She sat there on her suitcase in her dancing dress 
Bm                A                D 
I would've been a fool to pass her by 

          G                D 
And as we sped accross the night 
            Bm             G 
We told our stories by the light 
       D                  A 
Of the stars that lead us home 
Each time we strayed 
       G                 D 
Me and Annie talked till dawn, 
        Bm                    G 
When we reached her old man's farm 
      D                   A             G 
And I said so long; guess I'll be on my way 

D                              G   D/F# Em 
I started meeting Annie by the old sawmill, 
D                G               A 
Wasting time and drinking in the day 
D                              G     D/F# Em 
Courting her was easy with her smile like that 
Bm             A           D 
Loving her was easy in the night 

             G           D 
Well, me and Annie set a date, 
          Bm             G 
And had a wedding in the spring 
         D                    A                G 
Man, you should've heard that old church choir sing 
          G            D 
It didn't take us very long, 
          Bm        G 
'till the baby came along 
        D                 A            G 
Well we named him Tom and settled into life 

       G                      D 
But at night death came around, 
          G              Bm    A   Gh 
and Annie left without a sound 

( D  G ) (4x) 

        G                 D           Bm              G 
But the trouble with this life, is it doesn't last so long 
         D           A               G 
And your love can be divided overnight. 
         G           D 
Now it's only me and Tom 
        Bm                G 
Now our wife and mother's gone 
       D                 A                     G 
Well I told the Lord ' I just don't think it's right'. 

( D  G ) (4x) 


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