Idee Fixe

Methyl Ethel

Tom: Fm
Fm          Gm 
Ab          Bb 
Cm          Dm7 
Bb          Eb 

verse 1 
Fm                            Gm 
Eyes rolled back, we lash the runner 
Ab                           Bb 
You called out to the summer soil 
    Cm                          Dm7 
And it's not that, we're barely oiled 
Bb                           Eb 
You crawled back to whip the silence 
Fm                     Gm 
I climbed up two dozen roses 
Ab                            Bb 
Each one caught like a Sunday soldier 
Cm                                 Dm7 
Hair tied back, I've a tendency to lose it 
Bb                           Eb 
Round the act, you lost your colour 

Fm          Gm 
Ab          Bb 
Cm          Dm7 
Bb          Eb 

verse 2 
  Fm                           Gm 
I fired up, was the forceful endue me 
Ab                                 Bb 
Each one like caught the first one soothing 
Cm                       Dm7 
Lies a like I can rock a story 
Bb                                 Eb 
Children's eyes takes another toll on me 
Fm                            Gm 
It falls back in the sun's contusion 
Ab                      Bb 
I call out, I cannot be foolish 
Cm                                Dm7 
God was right in the first of the cooling 
Bb                                    Eb 
Side wind up, where's the rest of the loose change? 

Fm          Gm 
Ab          Bb 
Cm          Dm7 
Bb          Eb 

verse 3 
               Fm                               Gm 
Well I thought I found God, for the rest of the cool age 
Ab                             Bb 
Peaceful now but to colour the tulip 
Cm                             Dm7 
Sides rise up for the ones who choose them 
Bb                               Eb 
Each one bad like the revolution knew this 

Fm                    Gm               Ab  Bb 
 And I liberate these things is all it is 
     Cm                    Dm7      Bb 
Yes, I liberate these things that I say 

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