Matt Garner

Tom: C
C  G  F 
C                                   G 
You say that I alone can change the world 
But I know it's by the spirit of the Lord 
                       C   G  F 
Come fill me up to overflow 
C                                   G 
Your ways amaze me and they make me say 
Your name is lifted high above the earth 
I?m gonna make you famous 
C I will sing I will dance I will shout Your praises G I will run I will fly cos I?m free inside A F I will seek I will find you Jesus C I will live I?m alive when I shout your praises G I won?t give up wont give in never turn away Am G F I?m so crazy for you Jesus Am G F I?m so crazy for you Jesus
Bridge: C G F Am G F You are my God You're everything to me ©2005 Lakes Music / YouthAlive Music All rights reserved. International copyright secured. ******* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

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