Rain Lord

Mark Condon

Tom: Gm
Intro: Gm9    Cm9   Daug7(#9)  Daug7(b9)  Ebmaj9  D(b9)#11  Daug7(#9)  Gm 

Cm9   Daug7(#9)  Daug7(b9)  Ebmaj9   D7(b9) 

verse 1: 

 Gm9           Cm9      D            Gm 
Holy Spirit rain,    rain down on us 

 D7    Gm9     Cm9   D               Eb  D 
Holy Spirit rain,    rain down on us 

Like a mighty wind 

Blow through this house 

Open up the Heavens 

And pour Your spirit out 

Gm9 Rain Lord, Rain Lord C13 Gm9 Oh let it rain Lord, rain Lord D7 C7 Gm9 God Almighty, let Your Holy Spirit rain
verse 2: Gm9 Gm9 Like a raging fire, burn in my soul Gm9 Baptize me with the Holy Ghost

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