Tom: G5
Intro Riff1 
Riff1 (são essas as notas, escute a música pra pegar a batida e o tempo de usa-las) 
    G5    C5 
I can see it your eyes  
You?re hurting  
But pain is part of learning who you are  
All these truths can sometimes be deceiving  
A5			D5 
When your world is crashing to the ground  
C5		D5 
Tell me everything you need now  
E5	    G5 
Anything at all  
C5			D5 
And I will be the one whose waiting  
E5       	G5 
Anytime you fall  
C5		D5 
When you come undone  
When you come undone  
You know I can be like everybody  
Cause I can tell you what you want to hear  
I don?t know if I can make it better  
A5   			        D5 
All I know, is that I?ll be around  
(A5     D5	E5     G5) 
When all your plans are made out  
Lying on the floor  
And all your dreams are turning into nothing more  
When all your hope is left  
You know you?re not alone  
Just hold on?  
Hold on?  

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