Winter's Night

Joshua Hyslop

Tom: E


Verso 1:

A D A Gather around the logs and start a fire D A It's cold and crisp and wrapped in wire D A E The ending of another summers here A D A We'll sing us songs and drink the wine D A We'll smell the burning boughs of pine D A E Think of loved ones as we gather near A F#m A E A D A D A D A E A It's almost here-ere-ere-ere

Verso 2:

A D A With family around and stories old D A I bring the tree in from the cold D A E And count the days until the coming morn A D A And chocolate melting in our mugs D A And children sitting on the rug D A E Tell the story of the baby born F#m A E A On Christmas mor-or-or-or-orn F#m A E A D A D A A E E On Christmas mor-or-or-orn
A E A D All the stars are shining down this silent snowy night A D E Sleep is hard to find but for the time A E A D The hills and all the valleys 'round are blanketed in white A D E Tomorrow we'll be up before the sun F#m A E A It's Christma-a--a--a-a-a-as F#m A E A D A D A D A A It's Christma-a--a--a-a-a-as

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