Cracker Night

John Williamson

Tom: D
Intro: D A7 D  
teary eyes at the window,  
Where did mum and go?  
I wish some one would hurry up and come and me,  
       Em7     A7  
Gee Im scared   
    D                        A7        D  
the cat shot through she saw light and fled  
                                       G              D  
cracker night was a real big deal when I was a little kid  
D                                      Em7               A7  
they started lettin' them off after tea I ran inside and hid  
    D                                     A7       D  
and all the dogs from everwhere were underneath me bed  
D                                         G           D  
we all went down in our dressing gowns to see the big bonfire  
D                                 Em7                A7  
wide eyes the straw man burn on a mile- high pile of tyres  
D                                        A7       D  
Hot as hell, big black smell and red hot rings of wire  
Sky rockets singing,  
catherine wheels spinning  
what a flaming everning,  
fire trucks were screaming  
A7                                                        D  
smoky haze hangin' round for days and grandma's ears were ringing  
every night after school draggin' bit of wood,  
boxes branches and rotton old fences   
and mattresses were good  
we even scrounge a vinyl lounge   
and anything we could   
Little Guy Fawker's and letter boxes   
blown all out shape   
light the wick and back off quick,  
and make the big ecaspe   
Crackin' ourselves ripping' my shirt  
scambling through the gate  
sky rockets singing   
catherine wheel spinning  
what a flamin' evening   
fire trucks were screaming  
smoky haze hanging round for days   
and grandma ears were ringing .  
house burnt down on the edge of   
we all took off with par   
this thing wizzed across the road nearly hit our car   
a bang and spark lit up the park   
and everyone went AH! AH! AH!  
cracker night was a real big deal   
when I was little kid,  
it seems like yesterday  
tucked away in bed   
dream of sceames and  double bunger   
daring thing we did.  

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