If I keep my heart out of sight

James Taylor

Tom: Am
 Amaj7             E9 
If I keep on talking now 
   Amaj7         Bm7         F#m7 
I'd only start repeating myself 
              C#m7  F#7 
And all I can say is 
   Bm7          Bm7/A 
I love you, I love you 
     Gmaj7            Esus E 
I love you, I love you 
  Amaj7               E9 
If I slip and tip my hat, 
     Amaj7      Bm7       F#m7 
I'm certain to scare you away 
    Bm7         C#m7 F#7 
And what would I say? 
        Gmaj7            E7 
I'd be hurtin', I'm certain 
 Em9     A6             Dmaj7 
I'd be a fool to let you know 
That you're the one, 
   Bm7           F#7 
The fool who jumped the gun, 
Em9               A6            Dmaj7 
Cause I've been advised by other guys 
You've left behind, 
       Bm7                 F#7  Bm7 E7 
Your goodbyes are somewhat unrefined 
            Amaj7              E9 
If I play my role just right, 
       Amaj7            Bm7      F#m   
Then tonight could be my lucky night, 
                    C#m7 F#7 
And you could be mine? 
      Bm7          Gmaj7 
If I present it to you, 
           G#m7           C#7 
With the flower in the moonlight 
  F#7   Bmaj7 
Oh, shiny and new, 
             Em9        A6    Dmaj7 
Where you couldn't say no tonight 
   Dmaj7       C#m7         F#7   
If I keep my heart out of sight? (end) 

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