Hele On To Kaua'i

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Tom: G
G		G7      C 
There's a place I recall 
D7				    G 
Not too big, in fact it's kind of small 
		G7		 C 
The people there say they got it all 
D7		    G	D7 
The simple life for me 

G G7 C Hele on to Kaua'i, Hanalei by the bay D7 G Wailua river valley is where I used to play G7 C The canyons of Waimea standing all alone D7 G D7 The magic of the garden isle is calling me back home
G G7 C When I was young and not too smart D7 G I left my home looking for a brand new start G7 C To find a place thats better still D7 G But now I know, I know I never will (Chorus)

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