Spring Wind

Greg Brown

Tom: E

A                   D 
I lived awhile without you, 

E                     F#m 
darn near half my life. 

I no longer see our unborn children, 

born to you my unwed wife. 

    D                 A 
But yesterday I had a vision, 

            E                  F#m 
beneath the tree where we once talked, 

of an old couple burning 

D                           E 
their love letters so their children won't be shocked. 

D A Love calls like the wild birds-- E F#m it's another day. F#m D A Spring wind blew my list of
G A things to do...away. My friends are gettin older, so I guess I must be too. Without their loving kindness, I don't know what I'd do. Oh the wine bottle's half empty-- the money's all spent. And we're a cross between our parents and hippies in a tent. Chorus In a mucked up lovely river, I cast my little fly. I look at that river and smell it and it makes me wanna cry. Oh to clean our dirty planet, now there's a noble wish, and I'm puttin my shoulder to the wheel 'cause I wanna catch some fish. Chorus Children go to sleep now-- you know it's gettin' late. I know you don't like to miss nothin' and school ain't that great. Oh, I'll dance with you when you're happy, and hold you when you're sad, and hope you know how glad I am, just to be you're Dad. Chorus Darlin' it's been a hard go but I think we'll be okay. I know I say that all the time like everything else I say. Oh, I've been gone so often, but every time I miss you, and I don't really know nothin', Except I like to kiss you. Chorus

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