In Your Eyes (ver.2)

George Benson

Tom: A
Intro : E  -  B  -  A  -  B7  -   E   - B  -  A   -  G/A 
                A/D                  D 
            I think I finally know you  
                     A/D                      D 
            I can see beyond your smile  
   A/C#     A/B                  Bm7 
            I think that I can show you  
                                   A/B                      Bm7 
            That what we have is still worthwhile  
                                              Em7                      D/F# 
            Don't you know that love's just like the thread  
                                    F#                 Bm7 
            That keeps unravelling but then  
               Em7                 D                 G/A 
            It ties us back together in the end  
A/B     B           E    G#m7           A                           A/B     B7 
            In your eyes            I can see my dream's reflections  
                          E    G#m7          A                           A/B 
In your eyes              found the answers to my questions  
              A     E/G#            F#m                   A/B         B/A    G#m7 
In your eyes              I can see the reasons why our love's alive  
         G#m6/C#                            C#m7/F# 
In your eyes              we're drifting safely back to shore  
          A/B                                                       E          B      E      G/A 
And I think I've finally learned to love you more  
                     A/D                          D 
            You warned me that life changes  
                      A/D                  D 
            That no one really knows  
  A/C#                  A/B                            Bm7   
             Whether time would make us strangers  
                            A/B                                Bm7 
             Or whether time would make us grow  
           Bm7/Eb                  Em7                       D/F# 
             Even though the winds of time will change  
                                    F#/C#   F#/Bb                Bm7 
            In a world where    nothing    stays the same  
             Em7                     D/F#                G/A 
            Through it all our love will still remain  
           repeat Chorus 
Outro : E  -  B  -  A  -  B7  -   E   - B  -  A   -  G/A 

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