Take It Like a Man

Gene Pitney

Tom: G
G              F 
Take it like a man 
      G          F 
Don?t cry, don?t cry 
G              F 
Take it like a man 
          G       F 
Hold your head up high 
C                   F              C        Cm 
Sure she broke your heart when she said goodbye 
G          D              G  
You got to take it like a man 
Get up on your feet 
Is way past dawn 
I said get up on your feet 
Come on, come on 
Everything?s the same, except she?s gone 
But you, you got to take it like a man 
       B                  Dm    
You?re gonna be fine just don?t think about her 
    A           A7    C    
The sun?s gonna shine with or without her 
It?s only gonna hurt 
For a little, little while 
Go on and change your shirt 
And put on a smile 
Don?t say that you can?t cause you can 
Come on, buddy, take it like a man 
I say take it, take it, take it like a man.... 
by: José Duarte 
[email protected] 

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