Pretty Annabelle

Gene Pitney

Tom: A
Who, if anyone loves me you do, I know 
E 	     D 			    A 
Why, I can?t tell cause you told me so 
When I hold you I?m holding you, dear, to me 
E 	    D 				       A 
Here, where I can be sure you?re near and will be 
G D A Pretty Annabelle when I wanna tell someone I care And I do G D A Pretty Annabelle, Pretty Annabelle I love you
Joy, and darling much more when you call my name I adore you and hope that you feel the same Please be faithful and kind forecver to stay Mine, you?ll never be sorry you feel this way Chorus D A E A Oh, for the life of me everything seems to be you and I D A E E7 Honey, you?re the sun I wonder underneath, Yeah, you know why I have nobody else I need to behold You to protect me and keep me out of the hole Told you I thank you and promise myself to be sure I couldn?t possibly do or say anymore Chorus by: José Duarte [email protected]

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