June Is as Cold as December

Gene Pitney

Tom: F
           F    G            C  
Here comes June, a vision of loveliness 
         F     G             C            C7 
When she smiles, it?s like a sweet caress 
Bb 				 G 
Every boy she meets she sets his heart aglow 
They think she?s the answer to their dreams  
but they don?t know 
C          F         G 
June is as cold as December 
C          F               G        /B /Bb /A 
June has a heartache she remembers (ah ah ah) 
F           G 
The pain of one untrue love 
Am        Dm      
Left her afraid of a new love  
C          F         G 
June is as cold as December 
Here comes June, the prettiest girl in town 
When she?s near the boys all gather round 
Hoping to be the one her heart is searching for 
But June doesn?t have a heart to offer  
by: José Duarte 
[email protected] 

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