Born And Raised

Fake Problems

Tom: C
     C                 Am   F            G       
The day that I turned 18 my grandfather told me, he said  
  C        Am               F         G                  
'Chris, I think you should join the army'.  
       C                Am            F           G     
I said I don't really think that I'm cut out for that,  
        C       Am        F       G      
no I'm fairly certain I wouldn't last.  
       C            Am            F       G               C         
But I do agree the benefits are quite astounding, but I know that  
   Am              F              G       G7    
I would throw up if saw someone dying. 

    C     Am          F         G      C  Am   F   G  
But if I went I would make the best of ev-ery   moment,  
    C       Am          F          G          C     Am              
and show respect to my commanding officer and come home with a  
 F          G                    C  Dm  F  G  
medal or something cool like that. 

Just a few months ago my best friend inquired, he said  
'Do you think you'll ever go back to college?' I said yeah, sure,  
eventually when the time is right, when I find a university I kinda like.  
Because I do agree the experience is quite enticing, if I don't get  
too distracted by all the drinking. 

But if I went I would make the best of every moment, and pay  
attention to the teacher and come home with some knowledge or  
something great like that. 

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