I will write a song for you

Earth, Wind and Fire

Tom: A
INTRO.A G Em G A         Chords by Jorge Umemaru 
Dm D A D /Parapara....... 
I thirst but never quench 
B F#m      C#   Dm      A       D    G     A        
I know the consequence, feeling as I do 
Em    A 
We're in a spinning top 
Bm     Dm       A 
where, tell me, will it stop 
and what am I to say 
A                    F#m       Dm 
Open our music book, that only few can look 
A                         G         Bm A E D Bm A D 
and I'll write a song for you 
A         E  A      Bm        A   F  
Love is a symphony, hearts in one melody 
A                    Em  G          C G 
Cause I write a song for you 
A                       Bm        A 
Sounds never dissipate, they only recreate 
           Bm           Em 
in another place 
There in your silent night 
Bm  D    
joy of a song's delight 
          C#m      G 
I write a song for you 
Bm          F#       A  
You write a song for me 
Bm F#      Bm       C#m       A      F#m C# F#m B A Bb Dm 
We write a song for love, for love 
A                    Dm         A 
My magical mystique, finding it all complete 
     Em     G     A 
in a lovely face, feeling we try to chase 
                                Am      A    G Em A D 
memories that won't erase, stay forever new 
A                   Bm                A 
We have a magic box in which is never locked  
Cause I write.......repete 

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