We´re so loud

Dub Sweden

Tom: Bm
We´re so (Bm) loud in this (F#m) house but we (Em) never ever speak up. 
We are (Am) crowded in this Bm house, Emyet so (F#m) alone.  
Why Bm don´t I give a (F#m)clueof what I (Em) feel or what I want to,  
well  (Am) ´cause you have to Bm admit -that (Em) simply wouldn´t fit. 
(A)Oh, we never drink cheap wine no (G) more.We never (F#) lay down (D) on the floor. 
Oh, taste this (A)kiss or just walk (G) away; ´cause I´m (F#)donewith loveless (D) days. 
We go Bm out for little (F#m) walks - long Emboring talkless walks,  
´cause we(Am) just cannot figure Bmout that (Em) perfect thing to (F#m) say. 
Oh, (Bm)baby can´t you (F#) see, it´s growing all Emover the tapestry;  
(Am) flowers and Bmsprouts Emsinging -(F#m) get out  

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