Odds And Ends

Dionne Warwick

Tom: Bbm
Bbm7        D#m           C# 
Your pillow wasn't slept upon  
     G#sus            Bbm7 
your closet was empty too. 
            D#m                     C# 
All of your clothes and things were gone. 
               Cm7      Bbm7 
There wasn't a trace of you. 
Fm7                  Bbm7 
How could you go and leave so completely? 
Fm7                 Bbm7                             C# 
Nothing was left of all the memories that we used to share 
        D#m7          G#6              D#m7               G#6                    
Just an empty tube of toothpaste and a half-filled cup of coffee: 
Bbm7               G#m              Bbmaj7 
Odds and ends of a beautiful love affair. 
At least you could have said goodbye you 
shouldn't have run away! 
Were you afraid that I would cry? 
My tears might have made you stay. 
Where are those dreams that kept us together? 
Nothing was left to show that we were once so happy there 
Just an empty tube of toothpaste... 
By: José Duarte 
[email protected] 

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