Settle For A Slowdown (ver.2)

Dierks Bentley

Tom: Bm
Intro:(Bm) (D) (G) (Bm) (D) (G) 
(Bm)I must(D)look just like a(G)fool 
(Bm)Here in the(D)middle of the(G)road 
(D)Standin'(A)ther in your rear(G)view 
Gettin'(Bm)soaked to the bone (D) (G) 
(Bm)This land is as(D)flat as it is(G)mean 
(Bm)A man can(D)for a hundred(G)miles 
(D)So I'm still pra(A)yin' I might(G)see 
The glow of a (Bm) brake light (D) (G) 
But your(D)wheels just turn 
Down the road(Bm)road ahead 
If it(G)hurts at all 
You ain't(A)showed it yet 
I keep (D) lookin' for 
The(Bm)slightest sign 
That(G)you might miss 
What you(A)left behind 
I(Em)know there's nothin' (D/F#) stopppin' you(G)now 
But,I'd settle for a(Bm)slowdown (D) (G) 
(Bm)I held on(D)longer than I(G)should 
(Bm)Beleivin'(D)you might change your(G)mind 
(D)And those bright(A)lights of Holly(G)wood 
Would(Bm)fade in time (D) (G) 
Repeat Chorus 
Repeat Intro 
But your(D)wheels just turn 
Down the(Bm)road ahead 
If it(G)hurts at all 
You ain't(A)showed it yet 
You're just a (D)tiny dot 
On that(Bm)horizon line 
Come on(G)tap those brakes 
Baby(A)just one time 
I(Em)know there's nothing(D/F#)stopping you(G)now 
I'm not(Em)asking you to(D/F#)turn back ar(G)ound 
I'd settle for a(Bm)slowdown (D) (G) 
Come on just(Bm)slowdown (D) (G) 
I'd settle for a(Bm)slowdown (D) (G) 

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