Swimming In Your Ocean

Crash Test Dummies

Tom: G
   {Intro - 4/4 time, 1 measure per chord} 
     F F C Am F C 
     G        C                  Am 
     When I'm sampling from your bosom 
     When I   kneel before your bounty 
     When you let me taste your fingers 
     G                C 
     sometimes        I suffer from distractions like 
     sometimes        I wonder if there could be really 
     I take them like fruit and as I linger, I 
     Fmaj7        Am                      C 
     Why does God cause things like torna does and train wrecks. 
     U F O's      that come from other    planets. 
     wonder if     my seed will find pur  chase in your soil. 
     When I'm swimming in, when I'm swimming in your ocean, 
     C                        Am 
     floating aloft on creams and scented lotion, well 
     F                              C 
     I can get pretty sidetracked.  I hope you understand. 
   {PostChorus Instrumental} 
     Am F G Dm7 G Dm7 Bb Bb 

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