Here I Stand Before Me Chords

Crash Test Dummies

Tom: A
 {Intro (simple, ain't it?)} 
   A                                                     E 
   My doctor told me that it was time for me to have my  X ray. 
   Well, take my fingers, what to fingers really mean to me? 
   {Instrumental 3d verse} 
   F#m                         A       Esus4                   
   Of course, I had many night mares   about the fatal day. 
   Oh, you can easily look     them up in the dictionary. 
   {Instrumental 3d verse} 
   A                                                            E 
   The room was dark and my skeleton was floating on the        wall. 
   They call them digits or techically they're known as the pha langes. 
   {Instrumental 3d verse} 
   D             G                A 
   My voice      trembles down in side me. 
   My joints con nected up in     side me, 
   My, my the    future lay be    fore me. 
   D           G              A       G  D 
   I'm trapped way down in my body. 
   way down    deep inside my body. 
   Hey hey,    deep inside my body. 
   G        A                  D 
   I, I, I, oh here I stand be fore me, but 
   A                  D 
   something's out of place here. 
   G                A               D 
   My mind's eye is missing from my body. 
   G                        A                         D 
   Well, I know it's there, but I can't see where. 
 {First time through, play G and goto second verse.  Second time through, 
  play Bm -> B and then this bridge} 
   E                          A               B 
   My bones shine brightly, a map of my whole body. 
   E                    A             B    
   My vital organs just churn away in side me.  Some- 
   E   B                                  E                     
   day they're going to stop this motion, and I'll be left with 
 {Then play B, D and goto the instrumental third verse.} 

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