34 Time Enchiladas

Chuck Berry

Tom: C
Intro: C Bm C 

verse 1 
C                                         Bm   Em G7 
I like Enchiladas and old El Dorados that shine 
Bb      Bm                   C 
Old red guitar, rock'n roll, nice girls and wine 

verse 2 
C                                                         F7 
Say it ain't good for me but people I'm still feeling fine 
G7     Dm           G7         Dm              C    Em 
I just hold onto my guitar and rock it out 4/5 time 

verse 3 
C                                           Bb                     Bm 
Sometimes I get sideways, stay up all night writing songs (you know) 
G7              Bb 
I know it ain't health 
        Am               C 
But somehow I keep going on 
Just sit there and write 
                                   F7    C 
Don't care if the darn thing don't rhyme 
Bm                             Bb           C 
As long as I've got my guitar, rock it out, 4/5 time 

Bm Bb Em G7 C Bb 
C Am F7 Bm 
Bm            C 
That's called titillatin 

verse 4 
You know 
F7                                     C 
It's a mean old world and we all gotta live our live 
Yes we do 
Bm                                                               Dm 
One thing for certain, ain't none of us gonna get away from here alive 
C                         Bb 
So while I'm still kicking 
I'm gonna keep picking my tune 
Bm                   G7 
I love what I'm doing 
I hope it don't end too soon 
All of my life 
                            F7             C F7 C 
There's one thing I've been hoping to find 
Bm      Bb                   G7               C 
A woman like you honey whose software matches this hard drive of mine 

Dm C Bb Bm G7 
Dm C F7 C G7 
Bm G7 Dm C 

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