High On the Mountain Of Love

Charley Pride

Tom: E
Standing on the mountain lookin' down on the city, the way I feel is a doggone pity 
Teardrops are fallin' down the mountainside  
Many times I've been her and many times I've cried 
   B                   A                     E         B           E  
We used to be so happy when we were in love, high on a mountain of love 
Night after night I've been standin' here alone, weepin' my heart out till cold, grey dawn 
Prayin' that you're lonely and you come here too 
Hopin' just by chance that I get a glimpse of you 
Tryin' hard to find you, somewhere I love, high on a mountain of love 
A G#m A mountain of love, a mountain of love A B You should be ashamed A G#m We used to be a mountain of love A B But you just changed your name
Way down below there?s a half a million people, somewhere there's a church and a big tall steeple Inside the church there's an alter filled with flowers Wedding bells are ringin' and they should have been ours That's why I'm so lonely, I dream from above, high on a mountain of love Guitar Solo Chorus

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