Makin That Easy Money

Brad Paisley

Tom: G
G D D G G C D G 
     G                     D 
Well I remember working on rooftop 
The hot summer sun all day 
But now I work two hours a night 
   D                     G 
It feels a lot more like play 
Before Kenny joined the band he use to hang drywall 
Then go down to Valintino's 
When you see us up here and thinkin man they're lucky 
D                                  G 
You don't have to tell us cause we know 
G D Were laughing all the way to the bank G And it all just seems so funny C But to guys like us in a big tour bus D G Makin that easy money
(Instrumental)Same as Intro G D Desparado hauled cattle, and Grady drove trucks G And Justin had a hot dog stand C Kevin sold records and Brent sold shoes D G And Carrie was a garbage man (Chorus) (Instrumental)Same as Intro G D I use to have an ex-girlfriend that didn't understand G She said boy your goin nowhere fast C Why don't you get a real job, you ought to quit that band D G Now she can kiss my back stage pass (Chorus 2 x's) (Outro)Same as Intro

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