Rock And Roll In The Hay

Brad Cotter

Tom: A
Spoken: good mornin' weatherwise we're lookin good 
hot and sticky for the next 3 days summertime is here 
verse 1: 
you like the bed of a pick up filled with beer and ice 
           E                 A 
You got an F-150 cooler with 4 wheel drive 
Dancin' on flatbeds parked side by side 
      E                   A 
Gas power generater some portable lights 
D                              F#m 
Playin' electric guitars eatin BBQ's 
You got your baby right next to you 
                    D  A 
You got yourself a party 
E                        A 
A smokin' rockin redneck rave 
  D                      A                            E 
A hillbilly bender kickin off the weekend the right way 
              D      A 
Its gonna go all night 
                  E                         A 
There'll be some skinny dippin down at the lake 
We're gettin' out in the country 
We're gonna rock and roll in the hay 
(verse 2) 
You get your tents and trailers motorcycles and trucks 
E                               A 
Bonfire in the middle and we'll circle up 
Yeah its gonna get hotter then its been in a while 
               E                         A 
Better have a hi-8 camera incase some girls get wild 
D                   F#m 
slippin' off out behind the barn 
Yeah we no whats going on  
(to chorus) 
solo: A 
(to chorus x 2)  

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