Moon & Tree

Blue Rodeo

Tom: D
***INTRO: D  G  D  G 
Well I've been out walking 
G                   D 
Talking to moon and tree 
And the tall spring grass 
         G                     A 
Like the waves on a dark green sea 
D                  G 
So much of what we are 
D              G 
We will always be 
      D                  A 
And I don't mind getting lost 
In you dream 
     A          Bm 
Your eyes are a mirror 
     G              D 
Your grace fills my soul 
     A            Bm 
Your heart like a river 
     G            D  A  G 
Your tears are my own 
They are my own 
Well I feel like I'm walking on hot coals 
G                      D 
And don't mind getting burned 
But I fear for this soul 
         G                     A 
You fell into my life 
D                    G 
The way a star falls for the sky 
    D                   A 
Now I'm forever lost in your eyes 

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