Great Light of the World

Bebo Norman

Tom: Em
                       Em	         G2    G  
Sometimes at night  When I am afraid  
                Em                            G2    G  
I cover my eyes  And I cover my shame  
                      Em               C  
So here in the dark  Broken apart  
                       Am                          D     Gsus  
Come with your light  And fill up my heart  
G Oh great light of the world Em Fill up my soul Am B C Dsus D (C D second time) I'm half a man here So come make me whole G Oh great light of the world Em Come to impart C D G The light of your grace to fill up my heart
Em G2 G The wind of this world Can push us around Em G2 G Folding us up Backing us down Em C Here in the dark I'm not alone Am D/F# G Dsus So come with your strength And carry me home

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