Backstreet Boys

Tom: Bb
A bsb song on steroids! 
(the / sign just means the end of a lyric) 
Bb                             Dm    Bb                           F 
When you come back I won't be here/ She said it gently pulled me near/ 
Bb                         Dm                Bb   C       F 
If you wanna talk you can call/ and no it's noooooot your fault/ 
 Bb                             Dm    Bb                                F 
I just smiled and said let go of me/ now there's something I just gotta know 
Bb                         Dm                 F    C       F   
Did someone else steal my part/ she said it's nooooot my fault 
Bb Dm Bb F Then my heart did time in Siberia/ was waiting for the lie to come true Bb Dm Bb F C Cuz it's all so dark and mysterious/ when the one you want doesn't want you F too
Verse 2 Bb Dm Bb F I was drifted in between/ like I was on the outside looking in Bb Dm F C F In my dreams you are still here/ like you've always been Yeah my (Chorus) Bridge Gm Dm Getting myself away completely/ but you just couldn't see me C F Gm Dm Though I was sleeping in your bed/ cuz someone else was on your mind C F In your he-----ad 3rd Verse Bb Dm Bb F When I came back she wasn't there/ just a note left on the stairs Bb Dm If you wanna talk give me a call (Chorus) fade...

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