I should have known

Aimee Mann

Tom: Cm
Intro: A E Bm D  
           Bm              F#m                            E        D 
I should thank you almost no one could kill it off until you bled it 
but I got rid of that ghost 'though certain habits remain imbedded 
with the shadow of a doubt but baby it was you who fed it 
                G            G/F#      Em           Dsus4 D 
and I don't know what else to say but I think you get it 
               A   E   Bm                            D 
I should've known it was coming down to this 
I should've known you would betray me but without the kiss 
I should've known the kind of set-up it is 
           Bm              F#m                                  E        D 
And always isn't always when it's not your photograph that I've been keeping 
but you still live in those days when I'd stay awake just to watch you sleeping 
you delivered that blow but it left a mark on me that you're not seeing 
                G            G/F#      Em                    Dsus4 D 
and I don't know what else you hear but it's not me weeping 
B                                                                 F#m 
I should've seen the cracks in the ceiling and the mirror covered up with dust 
     C#m       B                 E          
but I was busy talking on the phone  
   G           A           B     A/C#     B/D# F# 
I should've seen the obstacles but I said, 
      B        F#        E 
this house was built for us   
C#m      A                     
Hello is anybody home? 
E F# G  G#m C#m A C#m B C#m A  2x 
               B   F#   C#m                         E 
I should've known the minute that we hit the wall 
I should've known the writing was upon the stall 
I should've known 'cause Rome was starting to fal  E F# Gl 
G#m C#  A  C#m  
and I should thank you, almost {repeat} 
{última vez} G#m C# D  A  B 

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