Just A Dream Away

Fraggle Rock

Tom: F
F              G7sus2 
Feel the Water Flowing 
F                      G7sus2 
Feel it Coming Feel it Going 
F                    G7sus2          Gm7 
In the River, In the Rain, Or in the Sky 

One Day It's an Ocean 
C6             G7sus2 
One Day Ice in Motion 
Gm7                             C6 
One Day It's a Teardrop in Your Eye 

F             G7sus2 
Once I Wasn't Here 
F                     G7sus2 
And Then I Suddenly Appeared 
F                       G7sus2              Gm7 
And Now I Seem to Be At Home with Earth and Air 

Just Like Water Flowing 
C6               G7sus2 
I Know Where I'm Going 
Gm7                                 C6 
Look Beneath Your Boots and I'll Be There 

Gm7                C6 
It's Just a Dream Away 
              Gm7      C6 
You've Got to Leave to Stay 
            Gm7      C6 
We'll Meet Again Someday 
Just a Dream Away 

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