Box Car

The Ataris

This is a real cool song and it`s nice to play it`s a real good band.
Put your`e Bass in normal tuning - E A D G
It starts with only guitar, after the guitar you`ll play this with the bass:

Verse 1
g -------------------------------------------------------|
d -------------------------------------------------------| 3x
a ----33---33---33---55---33-----------------------------|
e -(3)---33---33-----------------------------------------|

Chorus 1
g ----------------------------------------|
d ----------------------------------------| 2x
a ----------------------------------------|
e --3333---5555---88888888----------------|

Chorus 2
g --------------------|
d --------------------| 1x
a ---33---33----------|
e --3---33------------|

end Chorus
g -----------------------------------|
d -----------------------------------| 1x
a -----------------------------------|
e --3333---5555---88888888-----------|

Bridge 1
g -------------------------|
d -------------------------| 1x
a -------------------------|
e --5555---8888------------|

Bridge 2
g ------------------------------|
d ------------------------------| 1x
a ------------------------------|
e --3333---5555---7777---8888---|

ending Bridge
g -------------------------|
d -------------------------| 1x
a -------------------------|
e --5r----5----------------|

After that play `Verse 1` TILL `ending Bridge` one more time,
when you played that there`s only guitar end at the end of the
guitar you will play the last three notes along with the guitar: 
g ---------------|
d ---------------| 1x
a --5---33-------|
e ---------------|

then play `Verse 1` Two times and let the last note: e--3------| ring.

that`s it it`s not to hard to play but is a good song you have to buy a cd of them. 

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