Kelly Willis


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I Know Better Now

He Don't Care About Me

Cradle Of Love


World Without You

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Baby Take A Piece Of My Heart

Cheatin' Situation

Cradle Of Love

Don't Come The Cowboy With Me, Sonny Jim!

Fading Fast

Friendless Marriage

Get Real

Happy With That

He Don't Care About Me

Heaven's Just A Sin Away

I Don't Want To Love You

I Know Better Now

If I Left You

Not Afraid Of The Dark

Not Forgotten You

Not Long For This World

Rex's Blues

River Of Love


Take It All Out On You

Take Me Down

That'll Be Me

That's How I Got To Memphis

The Heart That Love Forgot

They're Blind

Time Has Told Me

Up All Night


What I Deserve

What World Are Living In

What World Are You Living In

Whatever Way The Wind Blows

When I Loved You

World Without You


You Talk Like That