Cory Morrow


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Light On The Stage

Stayin Out Late

The Preacher

Nashville Blues

I Wanna Go Home

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21 Days On The Road

A Better Man

All Over Again

Always And Forever


Better Than Being in Love With You

Big City Stripper

Big City Stripper 2

Broken Picture Frame

Drinkin Alone

Favorite Kind Of Lonesome

Good Intentions

Gtmo Blues

I Dont Like To Drink Alone

I Wanna Go Home

Id Have To Be Crazy

Ill Go On Downtown

Im Going Straight To Hell

In Spite Of Spite

Lead Me On

Let It Roll

Light On The Stage

Live Forever


Love Me Like You Used To Do

Misty Shade Of Blue

More Than Perfect

Nashville Blues

Not Comin Home Tonight

Nothing Better

Nothing I Wouldnt Do

Nothing Left To Hide

Outside The Lines

Restless Girl

Running Around On Me

Shame On Me

She Breaks My Heart

She Dont Know Where Shes Going

Stayin Out Late

Texas Bound Train

Texas Time Travelin

The Man That Ive Been

The Preacher

Wrapped Up In Your Love

Wrapped Up In Your Love -