Close It Down


Tom: C
C            G             C             F 
Fifteen long years in the strip mill at Ravenscraig, 
C           F           C             G 
twenty-five more in the bowels of the earth, 
C           G       C        F 
digging for fuel to fire the bosses 
    C               F            G             C 
who turn around and tell us that we've no more work. 

C G C F Close it down, shut it. Not enough profit. C F C G Padlock the gates, aye, and send the men home. C G C F No sir, not viable; we've become liable C F G C for the working class people, whose work is all done.
C G C F Long days in the shipyards, quietly waiting, C F C G redundancy notice in holiday pay. C G C F Privatized power for fortunate people C F G C with shares in the marketplace ready to trade. (Chorus) C G C F Fat cats are sharing the cream of the booty C F C G while people lay shivering in boxes of card. C G C F No jobs today; come back tomorrow. C F G C We'll tell you the same thing, it isn't so hard. (Chorus) C G C F Lay off the workers, the fathers, the sons; C F C G people who spent their lives under the ground C G C F earning a wage for a family to keep all their C F G C heads above water, 'til the next work is found.

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