California Stars


Tom: A
 words by Woody Guthrie 
 music by Bennett/Tweedy 
 taken from 'Mermaid Avenue' 
(D) (A) (E) Real easy song, strum; VERSE 1 A I'd like to rest my heavy head tonight E On a bed of California stars D I'd like to lay my weary bones tonite A On a bed of California stars VERSE 2(same chords) I'd love to feel your hand touching mine And tell me why I must keep working on Yes, i'd give my life to la my head tonight On a bed of California stars VERSE 3 I'd like to dream my troubles are away On a bed of Califrnia stars Jump up from a starbed and make another day Underneath my California stars VERSE 4 They hang like grapes on vines that shine And warm the lovers glass like friendly wine So, I'd give this world just to dream a dream with you On our bed of California stars 'GO WEST PARADISE IS THERE YOU'LL HAVE ALL THAT YOU CAN EAT OF MILK AND HONEY OVER THERE'

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