Born Alone


Tom: F
Intro: F Bb (2x) 

F                         Bb 
I have heard the wall and worried of the gospel 
F                        Bb 
Ferry faust it crossed a void 
F                     Bb 
I have married broken spoke charging smoke wheels  
F                   Bb 
Spit and swallowed opioids 

C                      Eb 
I am the driver at the wheel of the order 
C                       Bb 
Marching circles at the gate 
   F         Eb 
My eyes have seen the fury 
C               Bb 
So flattered by fate 

F                            Bb 
Tonight I'd rather count the warm fuse ? 
F                       Bb 
Subtract the silence of myself 
F                       Bb 
I would rather choose a million mind of mystery 
F                        Bb 
Be just the rigor for my health 
C            Eb 
I wonder why strange rhymes overpower me 
C                        Bb 
Toss the chimneys in the sea 
     F         Eb 
I believe I've seen the finger 
   C    Bb 
To hide extremity 

F  Bb  
C   Bb  Ab   G 

C   Bb  Ab   F# (F#)  F Bb 

Please come closer to the feather smooth lens fry 
Sadness is my luxury 
Will you wear torn the cold come before I die 
More aware of it than me 

Without the glowing stone 
The kids are unabashed  
Loneliness postponed 
My eyes deceiving glory 
I was born to die alone 


guitar melody 


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