She wanted to live


Tom: A
A G D D 
A G D D 
{verse one} 
A       G               D 
  Three men's all there were 
  Three men out at      sea 
  Three men came    a - board my ship, and 
D                      G  
took my true love from me 
  I couldn't      be - lieve 
  She wanted to        leave 
Em              A 
  She wanted to leave 
{verse two} 
A       G              D 
  I've  loved you so   long 
  Since you were a     child 
  I've  cared for your every need, I've 
D                 G 
tried to make you smile 
  When all the    while 
  You wanted to   leave 
Em              A 
  You wanted to leave 
{verse two} 
A       G             D 
  Go    gather the    guns 
  We'll blast them at sea 
  She   begged for me not to shoot, for my 
D                      G 
true love is here with me, 
  And I've never loved thee, 
  And now I must       leave, 
Em               A 
  And now I must leave.' 
{outro:slow tempo} 
   G          A         Bm   A    G 
So go fetch a bottle of rum, dear friends 
    G          A            Bm 
And fill up my glass to the rim 
    G           A      Bm   A  G 
For I'm not the man, I used to be 
G       A      D 
Now I'm one of them 

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