Holy Roar


Tom: F#m
F#m               D2 
Trees of life are blooming 
F#m                  D2 
Your word plants the seed 
F#m              D2 
and we see it growing 
F#m                      D2 
Your kindness leading to repentance 
F#m                 D2 
We see traces Of deliverance 
                F#m  D2 
Lord, thank You for mercy 
Oh, can you hear it? 
It's the song of the redeemed 
E                   D2         A9 
The pursuit of passion for the one who set us free 
Oh, can you hear it? 
We're crying out for more 
Listen to our song 
D2                  E   D2 
It's turning into a Holy Roar 
F#m       D2 
Rivers of renewal 
F#m              D2 
Spirit whisper a revival 
F#m D2 D D2 
And send us rushing 
F#m                       D2 
Open hearts with hopes of unity 
F#m                      D2 
Servants to love in lost humanity 
F#m                    D2 
Lord, send us reaching 
A           E                         Bm 
Oh, we come rejoicing and singing and crying out to you, Lord 
D        E             A 
Can you hear the Holy Roar 

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