Baby it's Cold Outside

Tom Jones

Tom: F
F                  Fmaj7           F       Fmaj7       
I really can't stay 
                       But baby its cold outside.                  
      Gm7       C7                 Gm7       C7  
I've got to go 'way 
                       But baby it's cold outside 
         F                  Fmaj7 
This evening has been                                     
                              Been hoping that you'd drop in         
      F    F7 
So very nice 
                   I'll hold your hands there's just like ice                                                           
My mother will start to worry                           
                                      Beautiful what's your hurry   
My father will be pacing the floor 
                                     Listen to that fireplace roar. 
So really I'd better scurry                  
                                Beautiful please don't hurry  
Gm7                                              C7 
 Well maybe just a half a drink more.  
                                                     Put some records on while I pour. 
        F                         Fmaj7              F                         Fmaj7                           
The neighbours might think. 
                                       But baby it's bad out there out there. 
        Gm7             C7                         Gm7    C7 
Say what's in this drink. 
                               No cabs to be had out there. 
   F                Fmaj7                         
I wish I knew how 
                       Your eyes are like starlight now. 
     F               F7     
To break this spell 
                       I'll take your hat, your hair looks swell. 
I ought to say no, no, no sir. 
                                   Mind if I move in closer? 
     G7                                    C7 
At least I'm gonna say that I tried. 
                                               What's the sense in hurting my pride. 
  F               Eb7  D7 
I really can't stay 
                       Oh, baby don't hold out. 
                  G7  C7  F     
Ah, but its cold outside. 
Baby its cold outside 

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