Whats A Matter Baby Is It Hurting You

Timi Yuro

Tom: A
Intro: A  (16x) 

Verso 1:

A F#m I know the reason you've been crying..oh, yeah. D E7 A E7 I heard she won't be needing you. A F#m How does it feel, being the one left behind? D E A E7 What's a matter, baby, is it hurting you?

Verso 2:

A F#m I know you found out she's been cheating. D E A E7 And I heard she even told you she was untrue. A F#m How does it feel, being on the outside, looking in? D E7(b9) A What's a matter baby, is it hurting you?
D A Remember..remember when I needed you so bad? E7 A Remember..remember what you had to say? D Ebdim A A+5 F#m You told me Girl, to find, another shoulder to cry------y on. B E7 Then you laughed..you laughed and you walked away.

Verso 3:

A F#m I know that you've been asking about me(ha-ha.) D E A E7 And I'm sorry, but I've got somebody new. A F#m And, my hurting is just about over.. D E7(b9) A but, baby, it's just starting for you.
Outro A Ohhh...what's a matter baby? F#m Do you remember how you hurt me, child?..(Fade.)

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