Needles Eye

The Taxpayers

Tom: G
Intro: G   C   G   D/F   G   Em  C   D   G D G D 

              G             C 
I want your sincerity you know 
         G                             D/F 
I want a song that will dig into my bones  
         G                         Em 
I want a place to live where I can raise my kids 
       C                 D         G   D   G   D  
settle down with you and call it a home 
         G              C 
I want a town as big as New York 
          G                             D/F 
where the masses and the buildings are born 
          G                            Em 
I want an anonymous place where nobody knows my name 
             C                   D          G    D   G   D               
if that were possible I wouldn't need much anymore 
         G                C             G          D/F 
I want a bar where I can drink until my face turns numb 
         G                      Em 
Gimme a bottle of wine so I can kill some time 
        C             D         G     D   G   D 
I don't gotta prove anything to anyone 
       G               C     G                 D/F        
When I get back to the house a binding webbing forms 
G                   Em 
Dream of hell-bound barking dogs  
         C         D       G   D   G   D 
and then walk back out the door 
     G                   C 
If I get this far when I grow old  
        G                       D/F 
I won't want for any fortune of gold 
           G                     Em   
I want the markings instead of a life well-lead 
        C          D            G 
and the force of a body turning cold 
   G           C             G                    D/F        
A lover's eye does define a life that is good and true 
G                      Em                   C         D      G     Em              
Many a times I've been chilled to the spine because I wanted you 
 C        D      G 
Because I Wanted You 

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